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Ngày 12/05/2015 Sonatest tung ra phần mềm mới UTLink điều khiển từ xa thiết bị siêu âm VEO & PRISMA




New software by Sonatest!


UTLink is a new software recently released by Sonatest to remotely control the VEO and PRISMA instruments. UTLink virtually replicates your VEO or PRISMA instrument so these can be easily controlled through any standard WiFi or wired networks, opening the doors to a new set of possibilities!

  • Sonatest PC based software application (OS Windows 7 & 8)
  • Easy installation with quick connection procedure
  • Very simple user interface, in fact it is a virtual instrument!
  • It auto-detects if connection is to a VEO or a PRISMA.

New solution for innovative applications:

  • Using the newly available Sonatest WiFi adapter solution, VEO or PRISMA can be remotely controlled from a distance of 35 meters to 250 meters (based on standard IEEE 802.11n range).

  • Share your work in progress with a colleague off the site or give control to an experimented expert helping you to complete the job remotely using the standard network infrastructure.

  • Improve your training sessions by projecting the complete instrument including the side keypad so you can explain the key functions and shortcuts.

  • When using VEO or PRISMA into an integrated solution, use UTLink to run the instrument on a virtual PC interface (including touch panels or tablet-PC running Windows OS).


To purchase a license of UTLink, contact your local Sonatest representative at

Download UTLink installator package at