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29th September 2014 Sonatest Ltd and Sonatest Inc release a new combined and comprehensive ultrasonic Transducer Catalogue.


As a leading supplier in the field of NDT equipment, Sonatest manufacture a complete range of high performance, high technology ultrasonic transducers for general flaw detection and thickness measurement applications. Each transducer is made to exacting standards regarding acoustical, electronic and mechanical properties. Sonatest transducers are tested thoroughly, typically at three stages of manufacture. The complete range of transducer types are available with a variety of connector styles, case configurations, frequencies and element sizes.

New Transdcuer Catalogue now available

Sonatest transducers are used across a wide range of industries including aerospace, automotive, marine, petrochemical, nuclear, power generation, metal and composite fabrication. Applications include a spectrum of inspection and evaluation testing procedures, i.e. aircraft engine components, nuclear components such as fuel containers, automotive components, petrochemical processing equipment and general high performance critical materials.

If you would like a copy of our new transducer catalogue sent to you please email your postal details to transducer@sonatest.com.  Alternatively the catalogue can now be downloaded from the Sonatest website.