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Portable Videoscope Systems

Portable video endoscopes are highly compact system solutions designed specifically for mobile use. These portable inspection tools are functional, small, lightweight, and battery operated.

Our industrial videoscopes are excellent for direct-view inspections of confined and hard-to-reach spaces. These tough and robust solutions facilitate inspections in harsh and hard-to-reach inspection environments.

Portable KARL STORZ videoscopes come in diameters of 4 mm through 6 mm and feature a robust, smooth sheath made of metal-tungsten braiding. Depending on the model range, the videoscopes are available in various working lengths from 1.5 m to 6 m. Two-way or four-way deflection provides a comprehensive view for easy and efficient endoscopy. A kink protector and integrated lock guarantee perfect handling of the systems. Powerful light sources and high-resolution CMOS image sensors deliver optimal image quality on the viewing screen.

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Thiết bị nội soi quay video MOVEO

Thiết bị nội soi quay video
Model: MoVeo
Nhà sản xuất: Karl Storz / Germany; CO: Germany