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A Videoscope is a flexible endoscope that features a video chip at its distal end.

Thanks to cutting-edge CCD or CMOS technology in conjunction with the outstanding KARL STORZ lens systems, KARL STORZ videoscopes offer crystal clear, true-color imaging. Furthermore, we offer videoscopes with an integrated measuring system that is very precise and easy to use.

An ergonomic handle designed for one-hand operation ensures ease of use. The short, flexible tip with 4-way deflection enables thorough inspection, even in hard-to-reach spaces.

Outer tungsten braiding ensures maximum sheath flexibility as well as the stability required in industrial use. A kink protector prevents damage to the videoscope. Some videoscopes feature an additional working channel for introducing tools for magnetic or conventional grasping. Our videoscopes come in lengths of 1 m to 7.5 m and in diameters of 3.8 mm to 8 mm. You can also special order other designs.


CLICK4MOVE™ control

The distal tip is controlled via the new, manual CLICK4MOVE™ control that features several advantages over the conventional joystick control:        

  • Lag-free reaction without overtravel
  • Direct and accurate control
  • Ultrasensitive control, that is, the direct tip deflection does not involve a motor and allows the user to directly "feel" obstacles or blockages
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Nội soi video (Videoscopes)

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