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Light sources

A light source is a separate cold light projector that generates light using powerful lamps; the light then exits at the sheath and illuminates the cavity to be inspected. Lamps include LED, halogen, XENON, Solarc®, and incandescent lamps.

In 1960, Dr. Karl Storz invented the cold light source. Since that time, light has been generated outside of the endoscope and transmitted to the tip through high quality fiber-optic light guides to minimize the heat generated at the endoscope.

The suitability of a light source depends on the type of endoscope used. Therefore, we offer various light sources at different power levels as well as portable, battery-operated cold light projectors. A range of power levels are available, from 5W LED to 300W Xenon high performance light sources. Bright light is a key determinant of image quality. Our powerful, high quality light sources are therefore a decisive factor in generating informative endoscopic images.

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