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Borescopes can be rigid or semirigid. A rigid borescope is an endoscope that uses a lens system for image transmission.

A semirigid borescope is an endoscope with a rigid sheath that uses a bundle of optical fibers for image transmission.

Rigid borescopes are particularly robust and designed for heavy-duty industrial use. With the HOPKINS® rod lens system, they reliably deliver exceptionally clear, sharp, and bright images. Using a control handle, the direction of view can be infinitely adjusted between 0° and 140°. The sheath can be rotated by 400°. The result is the largest field of view available on the market.

Borescope diameters are between 1.6 mm and 10 mm in lens system models and between 1 mm and 1.6 mm in image guide models. For special applications, instruments with working lengths of up to 1.5 m are available.

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